Hello from Honeit, Inc.

November 12th, 2014 by Livingston | Print Hello from Honeit, Inc.

Excited to begin the new journey with Honeit.com – to re-imagine the interview process and save time, money and frustration to both employers and job-seekers alike. I found two great co-founders, talented full stack engineers, just as passionate as I am about making the interview process more efficient.

More info at www.honeit.com

Interview Experts get paid to interview more junior job-seekers in their field and function. We’re looking for experts who can provide thorough interview practice, provide interview feedback, career advice & mentorship. Experts can apply via www.honeit.com/expert

If you’re a staffing agency or talent acquisition team, Honeit has built a robust interview platform that will take your phone screens to the next level.

Happy to tell you more about how this all works!