Linkedin: Company Follow & Job Seeker Accounts

May 4th, 2010 by Livingston | Print Linkedin: Company Follow & Job Seeker Accounts

Two recent offerings were released by LinkedIn this week.

Company Follow:

Users now have the ability to follow interesting companies, to keep up with recent company activity.  This streaming activity feature, Company Follow -  includes recent hires, promotions, departures or jobs from the selected organization.  This is has always been noteworthy info listed on a company profile page, but only a few of the most recent changes were listed.  Now the ability to stream this info in real-time lets job seekers and recruiters stay up to date.

  • Job seekers – monitor the companies for updates on the jobs you have applied to.  If you see someone recently started as a Marketing Manager with small company X, this could be considered feedback and it may be time to move on with your job search.  Jobs from a given company are also presented, similar to following a company RSS Job feed.
  • For companies, this is a great way to welcome new employees to the organization – nothing better than receiving welcome notes from management or co-workers during your first week.  This could easily be integrated with the on-boarding process.
  • This is also powerful biz intelligence to see where other companies are hiring, and how well the companies are doing (from both job seeker and recruiter perspective).  It has never been easier to follow both inward/outward personnel trends within an organization – this could even provide valuable investment intelligence.

Company Follow via LinkedIn

Summary view on the LI homepage:

Job Seeker – Paid / Subscription Accounts:

The second feature will be a game changer to Linkedin.

Paid solutions have been available to companies to purchase for  some time now.  This includes paid job postings, Corporate Recruiter search licenses (to access all 60 million+ candidates, not just 3 degrees of freedom) and most recently, their Recruitment Media and Company profile page upgrades.  This last option gives companies the ability to lock down the company profile content so that only certain individuals in the organization can update the company bio page.  Without paying for this ($$$$/expensive!) feature , anyone in the organization can change the logo, tweak the description and even update the company facts/figures detail.

Now Job Seekers can pay for premium or featured space when they apply to jobs.  Similar to sponsored ads on Indeed or simply Hired (that allow for companies to pay extra for premium placement), Job seekers can now pay to be on the top of the resume pile.  Sponsored job placements typically work by competitive keyword bidding, whoever pays the most for a certain keyword that is searched, is in the top slot.  Indeed offers 3 premium locations on every page of their search results (two on top and one at bottom of the page).  In LinkedIn’s case, it looks like however many paying job seekers will be listed on the top of the pile, could be 1 or could be 55 for any given job.

While I think this feature is valuable to candidates, I’m curious how this works with their recommendation engine within the corporate solution.  The corporate solution offers ‘recommended matches’ when you post a job, I’m curious if unqualified/unmatched (paid) jobseeker profiles will be included as results within this feature.  <– me being a skeptic, but I’m sure the product folks at LI are light years ahead.

But wait, the Job Seeker Pro option is $500.00/month..   This makes seem like chump change.  While $500/month seems extreme in this economic climate, it does provide a service to the job seeker.  One feature that’s included in the premium account is the ability to see who’s interested in you.   Even the ability to view titles/company names of individuals that have viewed your profile is extremely powerful.  This feature would provide feedback to job applications and also provide leads into other companies that may be interested in your skill set.

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