Scary charts –> HIRE Act

April 2nd, 2010 by Livingston | Print Scary charts –> HIRE Act

I’ve seen a few scary job charts lately, but this one from Calculated Risk, stood out.

On a similar note, Obama recently passed the HIRE Act,Β  with hopes to ’spur hiring and help small business owners.’Β  Video and article can be seen at CBS News.Β  From the article:

  • The bill mandates that payroll takes will be forgiven for businesses that hire someone who has been unemployed for at least two months;
  • It will permit small businesses to write off investments they make in equipment this year;
  • It will reform municipal bonds to expand investment in schools and clean energy;
  • And it will continue roadway infrastructure investment into the spring and summer, when, the president said, construction jobs pick up.