Back to basics with Simple (Telephone) Sourcing

March 30th, 2010 by Livingston | Print Back to basics with Simple (Telephone) Sourcing

With so many incredible online tools, websites and social networks, sourcers sometimes forget the most basic tools out there.  We use search engines on a daily basis, but become so inundated with fine-tuning our advanced Boolean strings, in order to dig deeper and data mine the web, we forget simple sourcing.

Looking for someone in particular?  Do you have their name and know what state they live in?

While Gen Y may only go mobile, many homes in America still have a publically visible land line visible via the white pages or Google Phone book.  In NYC, the Time Warner Triple Play deal is hard to pass up, it’s actually cheaper to buy the package that includes digital cable, broadband, and digital telephone – even if you seldom use the phone.

Let’s pick a random first name:  Alan, and a random last name:  Johnson, and living somewhere in Washington State.  For some reason, Google doesn’t make it easy to use their phonebook directly, but you can view names/numbers within search results using the following search structures.

There are times when we’re so inundated with Twitter/FB etc, that we forget to just give them a call at home – and this is much more acceptable than calling someone directly at work.  There may be a time for a call to their office as a last resort, but be mindful of their secretary, interrupting a meeting, or open work environments (but that’s a whole other post).

**Shout out to all the telephone sourcers out there, we know the phone isn’t dead (yet).

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