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December 21st, 2009 by Livingston | Print Catching up to was ahead of the game for status management across multiple portals and communities.  The challenge was getting a feed to ping, but this could be done fairly easily with Twitterfeed.

One of the great things about Ping in the past is that it could post to Facebook Pages, instead of your standard Facebook profile status.  This is a very important feature for admins that have a personal account, but may also manage Fan or Corporate pages within Facebook. was the first to easily post to fan pages.

However, the problem with Ping is that it included two links when pushing out updates, and there was a dodgy link shortening feature to deal with.  Twitterfeed has new enhanced its offerings, and you can easily syndicate updates to Twitter, and now Facebook (including Facebook Pages).   This has basically taken away the need to use ping before Facebook, except for powering your LinkedIn profile.


For many of the niche sites, you’ll still need Ping today, but I imagine Twitter feed will be adding multiple distribution channels very soon.  Probably a good time to sell to Seesmic.

On a similar note – finally registered a account, they’re really giving some powerful metrics in association to both unique bitly URL’s and the Main URL that unique bitly’s represent.  For example you can see how many clicks your unique bitly received in comparison to all bitly’s that point to parent URL.  It also provides a dashboard of your activity instead of using the + (plus sign) tag at the end of a URL.

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