WordPress White Screen of Death or just a ‘WSOD’

November 24th, 2009 by Livingston | Print WordPress White Screen of Death or just a ‘WSOD’

Phew, well after months of not looking at this site, I realized that there had not been a ‘this site’.  Serves me right for not paying attention to it.  Who knows how long the digitalsourcer page has been down, even the /wp-admin login page was a WSOD.  Thank you to Mr. Hightechdad – for his step-by-step DIY fix for Fixing Blank, Empty OR White Wordpress Pages After Upgrade.  His rename-the-ol’-'plugin-folder to automatically turn off all plugins (including the problem plugin) trick worked.  Sounds like putting off the upgrade from WP 2.6.x to 2.8.6 was not a good idea.

WSOD, similar to the BlSoD or the MS BSOD -  it has been suggested that they be merged as Screens of death .

After a recent trip to Australia, where I learned about everything down under that can kill you, I can only imagine the Aussie’s have another screen of death awaiting discovery.  I wonder what color?

Cassowary Attack

Cassowary Attack


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