Google ‘Me’ Profile, Latitude and a Few Good links

April 22nd, 2009 by Livingston | Print Google ‘Me’ Profile, Latitude and a Few Good links

The article from Read Write Web (RBB) yesterday announced ‘Google Me‘ and the pluses and minuses associated with the new Google Profile service.  As the article points out, most individuals would choose to remove results that include their name, instead of adding more data to the public.  ‘Other Names’ and “Places I’ve Lived’ are both fields you can add to, but not sure why anyone would, this seems very different than the “Cities I’ve visited” widgets on most social networks.

This brings up the important topic of personal branding.  There are accounts and profiles you may or may not want to share with the public.  But then again, controlling your brand with a good number of healthy, relevant links to your name, job or hobbies, may push the negative results to page 2 or 3 on Google.  If you’re not happy with that nagging Friendster photo, or cached web page on Google, it may be worth getting a Google Profile, people may stop looking for you once they find a few good links.  <– Shout out to UnHub

Google also announced ‘Latitude“, what seems to be an incredible way to stay in touch with friends and see who’s out and about in your area.  But once again, more information to the data behemoth.  All of these applications, nicely wrapped together within a single Google Account, with soon-to-be Geo Advertisement targeting block by block.

CV Gadget - very interesting tool to monitor your personal brand. CVGadget searches a number of social networks and returns the results within one simple interface.

UnHub – A Simple way to showcase ‘you’, helps wtih SEO, reverse links, etc..

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