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March 30th, 2009 by Livingston | Print Twitterfall – Monitoring Twitter’s Public Timeline (now lets you search the billions of tweets out there through a number of search operators.  It also provides real time updates for a single search.  This means that if people have tweeted since your last search, the results will refresh with more results that fit your query.

For those users that are either monitoring multiple Twitter accounts, or using Twitter for marketing/advertising products and services, Twitterfall adds flexibility and added features to searching Twitter’s Public Timeline.

Twitterfall lets you search multiple keywords at a given time, and also includes geolocation tuning to localize the tweets.  This can be helpful when looking for people, services or skill sets within a certain zip code radius. Twitter feed also lets you color code your queries, this makes it easier to group related queries and/or twitter accounts.  Twitterfall also includes auto-refresh (real time) functionality to that of

With Twitterfall, you can:

  • Monitor @Replies across all of your twitter accounts.
  • Track similar keywords: ‘MTV Networks’, MTVN MTVGames, ‘MTV Games’, MTVGamesJobs
  • Follow specific users and use color labels to group them by topic or industry.
  • Trend similar hashtags and color code them accordingly: #job, #jobs, #careers, #recruiting, #recruiter, #work, etc.
  • Filter queries with Geo location

An interesting side note.. Many twitter tools incorporate the TinyURL commands to shorten lengthy URL addresses (since we only have 140 characters to work with).  Twitterfall lets you hover over the TinyURL and automatically expands the full URLs.  This can be a nice feature if you’re browsing random tweets, from random users and are unsure where they may be taking you.

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