Twitter Job Postings via Twitterfeed, RSS Slice and Dice

February 5th, 2009 by Livingston | Print Twitter Job Postings via Twitterfeed, RSS Slice and Dice

Using for product and service marketing is becoming easier and easier with the help of a number of twitter tools.  I recently started using TwitterFeed to syndicate industry-specific RSS Job advertisements to corporate twitter accounts.

RSS - Real Simple Syndication

1.  You’ll need an active RSS feed with your current job listings.

2.  Get this feed to a major job aggregator. (Indeed, Oodle, Simply Hired, etc)

3.  To create custom RSS feeds unique to job categories, (sales, IT, finance, digital) play with the advanced search feature on the job aggregator until you find the right combination of keywords.  Add your company name to the company field to ensure only your company jobs are displayed.  With, you can also choose to show jobs from the employer’s web site only, instead of other job boards where your company may be paying to post jobs.  This way, the traffic goes directly to your career site or landing page, and is not boosting traffic to the other boards (skewing ROI measurement).

4.  Once you’re happy with the job listing results, look for the RSS icon (orange) on the page, or in the website’s address bar.  Clicking this icon will take you two your unique RSS job category feed.

5.  Using Twitterfeed, create a new feed, select Twitter as the platform, and add the RSS feed you created.  You can choose to automatically shorten the URL with TInyURL, and even add text that proceeds the posting.  (May want to include the twitter hashtag #job for extra weight) Set the frequency, and number of posts and your set.  Voila! – no more manual job posting on Twitter.

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