Where’s Matt Video – Not a Hoax..

January 8th, 2009 by Livingston | Print Where’s Matt Video – Not a Hoax..

I’m gonna go with my gut, and the warm and fuzzies I felt after watching the video a number of times.

Others agree, some don’t, but I’m happy to read Matt’s official stance on the matter posted 1/6/08…

From Matt.. “The dancing video is not a hoax. The EG lecture announcing a hoax is itself a hoax. I did not make the video by dancing in front of a green screen. I did travel to all those places. No swimming pools were used to simulate weightlessness. No one (that I’m aware of) built an army of animatronic robots in order to fake a viral video. And Walt Disney never (to my knowledge) said that thing about puppets knowing how to keep their damn mouths shut. I don’t think he’d really talk that way.”

This can be found at the BOTTOM of his ‘announcement that the video is a hoax’.Β  Do you really think they created robots?

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