Facebook Ads – I think they’ve figured me out.

January 12th, 2009 by Livingston | Print Facebook Ads – I think they’ve figured me out.

Targeted Facebook Advertisements - Skyscraper

Couldn’t help but notice the skyscraper advertisements on Facebook today.Β  I know Facebook uses our information including profile data, location, friends’ data, etc to serve targeted ads, but was amazed to see this morning’s ad combo.

  • Coach Youth Soccer – I would love to do this again in New York, just need 30 hours in a day.
  • Deep Deals on Deep Powder – They must know I’m a ski freak and planning a ski trip to Jackson Hole, WY in Mid-March.
  • One for the Team – on MTV. – Is it because I like new music, work for MTV Networks, or perhaps because their new single is titled “A Better Job” !

FB could be putting the finishing touches on their algorithms, or their ad inventory may finally be catching up with gigantic reach and diverse interests (profile data) among its members.

Either way, I’d much prefer these targeted ads – with relevant information, and potentially relevant coupons/discounts to those of generic ‘Doritos’ advertisements.

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