Sourcing Skill Sets with State Statistics

December 2nd, 2008 by Livingston | Print Sourcing Skill Sets with State Statistics

There was recently a post on the Alley Insider referencing State Stats, a site that compares keyword search tendencies by state.  AI explores current keywords in the digital space including ‘facebook’, ‘Mark Zuckerburg’, ‘Jerry Yang’, ‘Iphone’, etc.  State Stats compares the relative-rate of search queries across the US, and users can examine the correlation of this query rate to that of other state rankings, including density, illiteracy and income.  This sounded like a perfect research tool for skill sets across the US.  Where to begin?

I thought Drupal and Joomla, two popular Open Source CMS (Content Management System) platforms, with unmistakable names were a good place to start.

  • Joomla: Top States are California, Utah, Virginia, Colorado, Texas, Florida
  • Drupal: Top States are Oregon, California, Massechusets, Colorado, Utah, Washington D.C.
  • PHP:  Top States are Utah, California, Oregon, Texas, New York, Washington
  • Wordpress:  Top States are California, Utah, Oregon, Washington, New York, Colorado

Typically when sourcing for talent, there’s interest in keeping relocation costs down.  Initial searches within a commutable distance are preferred, but there are times you cannot find a sufficient number of interested and available candidates in your local area.  However, without an included radius restriction, or Boolean string of zip code, state, or area code possibilities, there can be an unmanageable number of results.  When a reasonable zip code radius search isn’t returning the proper results, first take a look in the states with buzz around your skill set, before opening up a general nation-wide search and sifting through results.  Don’t forget to also search these particular state craigslist resume boards.

This tool may also assist in visualizing the digital divide that’s also buzzing from state to state.

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