Craigslist Sourcing

November 17th, 2008 by Livingston | Print Craigslist Sourcing

Many think of Craigslist as a great cheap place to post jobs, but forget there are also thousands of resumes from which to source.

New York City resumes, Albany resumes, Long Island Resumes, etc, all have their own resume micro site.  While they are each a great pool for potential talent, it can be a challenge to source all micro sites when sourcing individuals within a commutable distance to a particular city. (I.e. New York, NY)  Not to mention other states that may also have potential candidates. (i.e. New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania)

Keep in mind that when looking for talent in a particular city, don’t forget about the craigslist resume pool for your sister city or neighboring state.

You can also experiment with searching outside the domain.  Try a search that includes this domain and the ‘res’ (resume) directory without a specific location. inurl:res java jsp for a simple java, jsp skill set search within google.

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