Corporate Recruiting and Cost Per Hire (CPH?)

November 21st, 2008 by Livingston | Print Corporate Recruiting and Cost Per Hire (CPH?)

If you had $1000 to spend on a particular job, what would you do?  Would you source? Would you post?  Where do you begin?

Now think about a $500, $250 or $50 per job allowance, where do you start now?

The recruiting process should not depend on the amount of money in your budget.  Many times, recruiters skip the simple, even free ways to source, post and spread word for an available opportunity.  Immediately posting a job to one of the big three (,, either manually or through a wrapping agreement is probably the worst thing we can do.  Not only does it cost $$, we lose the chance to view applicants that are truly interested in our company and check our career page on a regular basis.  There is a time to pay-to-post via niche sites and major job boards, but next time you get an open requisition, “let it breathe” and think about what you can do for $100 or less!

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